Friday, May 9, 2014

Newlywed and Newly Expecting: 5 Things You Can Do for Yourself Once You Get the Good News

You're just married and find out Junior is on the way. Before you rush out to buy the latest baby books or start furnishing the future nursery, take a moment to consider yourself and do the following:
Breathe: Whether you're excited, nervous, or both, take some time to digest the news. Much like when you got engaged, give yourselves time to enjoy the good news. Sure, you'll have tons of questions and lots to prepare for, but it's important to understand the emotions and feelings going on within you, as well. Talk to your husband and share your hopes and dreams or anxiety and fears with each other. You may not have everything figured out, but processing your pregnancy at some level will help you better deal with all the changes to come.
Get Support: All changes in life stirs up emotions. But with pregnancy, you have the added physical and hormonal changes that make you feel everything from anxious and depressed to excited and happy. You may also feel lethargic and low energy. Keep in mind that, within reason, all of these feelings are normal during this period. If you have concerns, talk to your doctor about what's going on in your body and your mind. Don't shut out your husband either. Let him in on what you are going through so he can understand and help where necessary. Roundup some supportive girlfriends too. Whether it's your mom, sister, or best friend, they may know what you're going through and can lend an ear or shoulder if you need it.
Get Away: Once baby arrives, your lives will become a bit crazy for a while, as you acclimate to your new life. So make a point to get away with your husband for a little vacation before the due date. It's good to have some quiet time for yourselves and you'll appreciate the rest, relaxation, and time with each other. Post delivery travel will be a lot different and more challenging, as well. So definitely give yourself a break now if you can.
Protect Yourself from Overwhelm: With everything going on in your life and all the changes taking place, it's easy to get overwhelmed. And while it's helpful to learn what to expect during pregnancy, don't go overboard. One good pregnancy book is enough. You don't to read them all or even read every chapter in your book. Some may seem foreign or scary to deal with and that's normal. Remember that every pregnancy is different and all the details you read may not apply to you. Make time each day to focus on yourself too and not worry about the future.
Rest, Rest, Rest: Unless you're one of those fortunate people who's baby like sleeping from the get go, you'll likely be sleep deprived for the first few months or so. Now's the time to sleep in if you can and get plenty of rest. Not only will it help you physically and mentally, the stores of energy might even help you when you need it most: after baby's born.

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