Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making Time for Everything When You're Engaged

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days that couples become engaged. Whether you're already engaged or about to be, remember that amid all the excitement, you have to do your best to balance your daily responsibilities. Life doesn't come to a halt just because you have to plan a wedding. It would be much easier if it did, since planning a wedding can be a full time job!
It is challenging trying to juggle your family, work, social and other responsibilities along with preparing for such a big event in your life. Staying organized and asking for help along the way will be instrumental in your success. Let the people you are close to know how important they are in your life and how you will do your best to keep your standing commitments to them. But also inform them that there will be times you need to focus on the wedding details so you can get everything done in time. Most people are more understanding and happier to help when you give them advance notice. You also don't want to become so wrapped up in your wedding that you neglect other meaningful people and events in your life. Finding the time to do it all is difficult but important in maintaining your current relationships and lifestyle.
If you need a little extra help, don't be afraid to ask for it. From wedding planners to family or friends, there are people out there willing to give you a hand. You deserve to be happily engaged and you don't want to get frazzled by your to do list. Giving yourself permission to get the help you need doesn't make you weak or incompetent. It means you are confident enough to know your limits and to make sure that you take care of yourself too.