Thursday, March 10, 2016


It is with mixed emotions that I write what will likely be my final Bridal Balance blog post. Over the past several years, I  enjoyed being a part of the wedding industry, making new friends, networking, helping brides and their families while they plan their weddings. And while a part of me will always belong to the industry and keep an ear open to wedding news, I feel I have come to a point in my life where I need a make a change.
I have other interests and activities I would like to pursue, like hopefully publishing a piece of fiction one day. As I decide where my new passions lie and how they will manifest (and take care of my kiddos, of course), I simply won't have time to dedicate to Bridal Balance. I plan on archiving this blog on Blogger, so you can refer back to it at any time. I'll also maintain my Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay in the loop! And I'll update this post if I start up another blog in case you'd like to follow along my new adventure. 
It's been fun and I thank each of you for reaching out to me, teaching me, and reading along. I hope to stay in touch with many of you and will definitely keep up with your happenings. For now, I am signing off  and wishing you all peace, balance, and happiness!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Top 3 Reasons to Take Breaks from Wedding Planning

If you're a spring or summer bride this year, you may find yourself handling all the final details of your wedding day. After all, spring is only a few weeks away! While it's important to be on top of things, it's also beneficial to take breaks while planning your wedding. Here's three good reasons to take a breather if you find you're consumed with wedding planning lately:
1) Reduces Your Stress- You may think that taking a break would increase your stress because it means less time for you to get things done. In actuality, time away from planning your wedding can help you re-energize yourself so you don't get bogged down with all the details of your upcoming nuptials. Much like other areas of your life, like work or school, it's healthy to take 'vacations' so the stress doesn't get to you. 
2) Refreshes Your Perspective- Too much wedding planning can cloud your thoughts. If you're finding yourself unsure about certain decisions, taking some time off can help put things into perspective. It will keep you from getting that "deer in the headlight" look and clear your mind from unnecessary clutter. Often when we step aside from a project, it gives our brain a chance to settle. Suddenly, the right decision or idea pops into our head. 
3) It's Supposed to be Fun- You usually get one shot at planning your wedding, so you want it to be fun. Trying on dresses, tasting cake, and looking through invitations is supposed to be exciting. But if it's something you're doing day in and day out, it becomes rote and uninteresting. By choosing a few days or set hours a week to focus on your wedding, you give yourself something to look forward to instead of dread. Create natural breaks in your week to spend on other things in your life and planning your wedding will feel less like a job and more like a once in a lifetime experience.