Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hi All!
Sorry for the interruption in writing. Since my last post, I delivered and have been caring for a healthy and beautiful baby girl.  Not quite five months old, but she is fairly active and keeps me on my toes.  This brings me to the appropriate topic of interruptions.  Everything in life does not always go smoothly.  There's bound to be things that get in the way.  And although you're planning what will be one of the most important days in your life, there may be something that you didn't plan for that could distract you from your planning.  For me, it was an ill grandfather.  I planned my wedding under strict time constraints so that he would be able to see one of his grandchildren married.  Although he couldn't attend the wedding, we recreated it in the nursing home he was residing in across the country a few days later.  He passed away two months afterwards.

Coping with the stress of  an ill loved one or any other emotional situation makes planning a wedding a lot more challenging.  The key to getting through it is your mental attitude.  Instead of focusing on how guilty I would feel if my grandfather didn't see me married, I continuously reminded myself that my grandfather loved me and would be happy for me no matter what.  I also envisioned our "second" wedding at the nursing home and what a wonderful day that would be.  I understood that letting my emotions get in the way of the planning aspect or starting to feel bad about myself would not help my family or myself.  Staying positive and focused help me deal with this unexpected situation.  Positive mental attitude in all situations-expected or not- is key!