Friday, May 2, 2014

Don't Jump Into Decisions: Choose Your Party Hosts Wisely

You're recently engaged. That may mean parties are on the horizon. Whether it's an engagement party or a bridal shower, you'll be deciding who might host specific celebrations. To make the most of this exciting time, decide on what kind of parties you do or do not want. You don't need to have a special affair simply because someone asks to host it or because it's done in other circles. You and your groom can choose what works best for you.
Next, you'll determine who might play host to your decided on celebrations. One person or more may volunteer to throw you a party but that doesn't necessarily mean you should agree to it. In most cases, people who want to host a celebration for you, know you well. If that's true, it means you know them too. Before giving someone the thumbs up, think about them and their personality. Do they have a take charge personality? Would they take your ideas into consideration? Are their views in line with yours? Is this a person who you know worries a lot or has to call or text you frequently for minor issues? Is she unreliable or challenging to work with? Asking yourself some of these questions ahead of time, may save you from making a poor choice. There are always polite ways to decline someone's invitation to host or to choose someone else who you feel confident will make the experience as easy and fun as possible.
What if it's too late? What if you already agreed to someone who is now making your life more stressful. You're starting to feel annoyed by their behavior and wish you never decided on a party in the first place. You have a couple of choices. Either you can confront the person about their behavior or you can ignore it. Neither choice is easy and both are uncomfortable in different ways. If you decide to talk to your host, get some counsel ahead of time as to how to approach the topic. This will be a good lesson to remember for the future as well. It won't be the last time, people will want to give you a party. So when the same individual begs to throw you a baby shower, politely decline, and save yourself from being in another uncomfortable situation.

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