Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 Ways to Beat the Bridal Blues

After all the excitement of your engagement and jumping into preparing for your big day, there may come a point where your energy and enthusiasm about wedding planning begins to wane. Feelings of stress and overwhelm may start creeping in and dampen your mood. Don't let it. Here are five things you can do to stay happy and maintain your wedding planning mojo:
1) Surround Yourself with Positive People: People who are happy, optimistic, and easygoing can rub off on you. The same is true of the opposite. Planning your wedding brings you into contact with lots of people who want to help or hear about your plans. Spend most of your time with those who are positive and support your vision and dreams. That will help keep your happy momentum going; whereas if you spend your time with negative individuals who don't necessarily see eye to eye with you, it might bring you down. This is such an exciting time; so it's important to keep happiness around you!
2) Take a Break: Don't let planning your wedding consume your life. While there is a ton to do, it's necessary for your physical and mental health, as well as your relationship with your fiancĂ© to have down time. That means still going on dates, sans wedding stuff, and taking care of yourself by exercising, meditating or other ways that help you relax. Also don't neglect your family and friends. While this is a busy time for you, they still want to be part of your life and want you to celebrate with them as well.
3) Visualize Your Wedding Day: Surely you've heard about the power of visualization. Now it's time to put it into practice. Begin and end each day with a mental picture of the wedding you envision for you and your future spouse. Don't limit your vision to your surroundings either. Note the mood, your feelings, and other positive emotions you want to carry with you on your wedding day. Not sure how to put this into practice or need some help? Check out the Bridal Balance Guided Imagery that combines both a meditation and a visualization geared towards brides!
4) Ask for Help: As much as you might think you can do everything on your own, you don't have to. Give yourself permission to get help from capable wedding professionals or family and friends you want to work with and are willing to assist. Aside from planning your big day, you have other commitments and everyday responsibilities. Trying to tackle it all on your own is the quick route to burn out. Getting help when needed can protect you from that fate and the negative feelings that come along with it.
5) Let Go of the Need for Perfection: Very little in life is perfect. Life is full of little surprises. That's what makes it interesting and often provides you with a good story to tell. If you find yourself constantly thinking or worrying about how you can make your wedding perfect, stop. You'll just end up with a lot of pre-wedding and wedding day anxiety. It's great to prepare as best you can for everything to run smoothly, but there are so many variables that you can't control, like environment, nature, and other people. Trying to control it all wastes a lot of energy, which you can be putting towards more important things. Replace the need for perfection with peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens on your wedding, it will be a beautiful day, celebrating the love of two people. And isn't that what this special day is all about?!

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