Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Started

Sometimes the hardest part of doing something new or tackling a project is getting started. You come up with a great idea or set your mind to completing a task and then something happens. You start to think about it, preoccupy yourself with tedious details, or simply begin procrastinating. Whether beginning the process of planning your wedding or pursuing another life goal, many people tend to over think instead of act. That's not to say, you don't have to put thought into your decisions. Of course, you need to have a foundation and a plan to accomplish any goal. But all to often, many individuals get so wrapped up in the plans that they find themselves putting off the "getting started" part until the right opportunity or time presents itself or until they are absolutely certain they have all the specifics worked out.
Unfortunately, there is usually never a "perfect" time and it's impossible to work out every detail, seeing that life changes from moment to moment and you never know what those changes will be. Better instead to have a workable plan and then take action. Once you start doing something, you build momentum and will find yourself accomplishing more. The little details generally work themselves out along the way. So if you're recently engaged and just don't know where to begin, the answer is anywhere. Start somewhere: the venue, bridal gown shops, or simply getting a wedding planning book to help guide you.  By taking the first step, you put yourself in control and will find it's much easier to get things done once you actually get started.