Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Along

The joining of two people and families in marriage is not always a smooth transition.  With different people comes differing views and opinions.  It's likely that not everyone will get along. You may already know which family members aren't on the best of terms.  But how do you make sure it doesn't dampen your joyous day?  While there are no guarantees, it's best to have a positive attitude and take some steps to ensure a peaceful ceremony.  Communicate with both parties your gratitude for their participation in your wedding and your hope that they can put differences aside for the sake of your happiness.  Take action to minimize the potential for conflict.  That might mean seating two parties on opposite sides of the room or having a mutual friend buddy up with them during the wedding to lighten the mood.  It may also be beneficial to have your wedding planner do the dirty work.  If family members are not talking, let your planner be the impartial mediator who can give direction to both sides without being involved in the conflict.  As a professional, your planner can set the stage for how the wedding should look, while reminding all parties to remember the reason they are at your wedding: to celebrate your happiness.  If you don't have a wedding planner,  an impartial friend may be able to do the job too.
Your happiness is paramount on your wedding day.  So whatever happens, focus on the positive aspects of the day and delegate someone you trust to deal with any potential family drama.