Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keeping the Romance Alive

Most engaged couples are inundated with so many things to do before their wedding, it becomes easy to put important things, like making time for each other, on the back burner.  One of the keys to a successful relationship, however, is making sure the two of you are getting enough quality time together. Whether for Valentine's Day coming up or not,  pick a day in the coming week to plan something romantic with your significant other.  Including your partner in your plans gives you both some responsibility and something to look forward to.  Your plans don't have to be expensive or gift wrapped.  Try something different or something you can do together:  write a letter or a poem to one another; cook dinner together; or share a slow dance to your favorite song.  Make sure you are both happy with your romantic plans and that you share an equal part in it.  This way you can also enjoy your time together with less focus on meeting expectations.

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