Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Staying in Control

I hear lots of stories of brides who complain that some member of their family or other is trying to call the shots in their wedding planning process.  Regardless of who it is or whether they are trying to persuade you to use a certain venue or wear a dress they made, it becomes uncomfortable always having to avert the inevitable.  As the bride, you are the most important person in your wedding.  This is the magic day you dreamed of for a long time.  That means all final decisions should be yours and your grooms.  Sometimes relating that message can be hard especially if someone else is paying for your wedding.  In such instances, make sure you're working within the budget allotted to you.  Talk to whoever is paying for your wedding and tell them your dreams for your wedding day.  Let them know that you hope they can respect your choices.  And in all circumstances, regardless of who is footing the bill, acknowledge people's advice and suggestions, but inform them you and your groom have made alternative plans.  Make sure that you and your groom are on the same page and respond accordingly. If someone is overstepping their boundaries, let them know.  Share this burden with your groom, as a message from the two of you may be stronger than from one of you alone.  Also inform your vendors, that you are the final decision makers in such cases and that they should not be communicating with people outside of whom the two of you approve.  Most importantly, go through your wedding planning with confidence and calm.  That will help you maintain control.

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