Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving In

All changes, whether good or bad, carry some level of stress.  Taking the plunge to get married and move in together is no different.  After all the excitement is said and done, you and your husband will have to figure out your living arrangements and adjust accordingly. For some couples, the decision to move in with one or the other partner is a given.  One of you may already have an apartment or a  house that works well for the both of you and that you agreed would be the best solution.  In this situation, the partner moving in may feel a little awkward.  After all, one of you will be trying to fit into a place that spells your spouse all over it.  Not feeling the mutuality of the home can become a point of contention; therefore, make sure you talk about your plans to move in beforehand.  Figure out together where "your space" will be, what closets you'll be using, whose furniture or home accents will be moving in or out, etc.  It may sound tedious, but having it squared away ahead of time will make the transition easier.
In my opinion, the ideal situation would be moving into a home that is new to both of you.  This way the two of you can build and create your home equally from the start.  You'll still have to discuss some of the basic questions addressed above, but neither of you will feel like you're walking onto someone else's turf.  For many couples, a new home also signifies a fresh start that comes with being newly married.  If the two of you decide on buying a new home together talk with a real estate agent about your hopes and dreams for your future house. Remember, that deciding your living arrangements is an important discussion that should be addressed before your wedding, so that you're ready to make the move after yours vows.

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