Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Gift Registry

Most engaged couples will set up a wedding gift registry at some point.  This can be tedious and stressful or engaging and fun, depending on how each of you look at it.  It can also be a great learning experience.  I encourage couples to complete their registry together.   In addition to learning more about each other's likes and dislikes, it may also be the first step in creating your home together.   By choosing items that you both like and want, you begin building the home you dreamed of. If you're finding it's hard to choose a time you and your fiance are both available to go to a store to register, do it online.  It's not as interactive, but it will serve it's purpose and teach you a lot.  If it seems like your fiance is dragging his feet and doesn't want to be involved in this aspect of the wedding, then tell him he can't complain when you bring home the pink floral bedding you've been eyeing for the Master Bedroom!  A little humor is always helpful.
In truth, the registry process will teach you the importance of listening and compromising.  You like patterns and he likes solids, so how do you choose?  Each couple will determine how to compromise on their own.  To be successful, each of you will listen to what's most important to the other and work around it.  Or maybe you get to pick out the style and colors for one room and your groom picks out the colors for another room.  However your decision making process goes, it's likely to stick with you through marriage.  Getting it right from the start will be beneficial in the long run

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