Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Appreciation: Hitched in a Hurry

I was introduced to Karley Kiker and her book, Hitched in a Hurry, not long ago on a Twitter wedding chat. Having a short engagement myself (several years ago), I immediately knew she was onto something with her book for brides and grooms who want to plan their wedding in 6 months or less. More about Karley and her book, in her own words:
Hitched in a Hurry: The ultimate how-to for a speedy "I do" is a guide for brides planning weddings in six months or fewer. Packed with tips, charts, and organizational tools tailored to fit tighter timelines, Hitched in a Hurry also contains interviews with real-life couples that successfully turned short engagements into lifelong love affairs. So forget those Wedding World naysayers (You'll walk the aisle naked!) and toss aside that traditional 12-18 month timeline, too. If you and your fiancé have said we will to fast forwarding to I do, then kick off your heels, lace up those running shoes, and prepare to plan. The finish line isn't that far away! 

HOW HITCHED MEASURES UP (and stands out!) 
  • Traditional planning guides assume brides will be engaged for 12-16 months, making Hitched in a Hurry the only complete roadmap on the market for women planning weddings in six months or fewer.
  • At 118 pages, Hitched in a Hurry is the perfect length for a "bride on the fly" who doesn't have time to read a 500-page tome on wedding planning.
  • Every chapter of the book ends with a real-life love story and an interview with a former speedy bride-to-be, providing "It CAN be done"-encouragement for readers.
  • Condensed planning timelines, checklists, creative gift ideas, suggested registry items, Q&A sections, budgeting insights, after-the-aisle tips, and other workbook -type materials are included inside Hitched in a Hurry to make the wedding planning process as simple and straightforward as possible.
  •  Hitched in a Hurry combats the "This is YOUR day"-lie by focusing on building a healthy marriage rather than just planning a bride-focused event that's over and done in a 24-hour period. The book also contains a whole chapter written from a man's perspective (Chapter 8, "Guy Talk"). Imagine that!
  • About The Author
    A graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in Creative Writing, Karley Kiker interned for Us Weekly and D Magazine, worked as an au pair in Southern France, and attended parties as a society columnist for People Newspapers before speeding through a 4.5-month engagement and marrying her handsome husband, Taylor. She lives in Dallas, Texas. Hitched in a Hurry: The ultimate how-to for a speedy "I do" is her first book. Most importantly, she is saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, who wrote her the most beautiful love story imaginable and has continually provided for her in every season. (Eph. 3:20-21 says it all.)
    For more information visit or or to purchase the book on Amazon visit,

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