Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Appreciation: Knotsvilla

Meeting new people at wedding Twitter chats is a fun part of this job. That's where I met Gee, who hosts #WeddingChatter weekly. She maintains an awesome blog filled with lots of cool details, photos, and wedding inspiration. More about Knotsvilla here from the founder herself.
KnotsVilla (previously known as Everything Weddings And More) is an international wedding blog, founded September 2nd 2012 with the sole purpose of helping Brides with Inspiration and Education for a smooth wedding planning process. I created this blog just a few months after I planned my own wedding and decided to give back to the community in one way I knew best; Blogging!

KnotsVilla aims to bring her readers as much as it can about planning the wedding and enjoying the journey. The goal is to keep the readers informed about the fast growing Wedding industry and offer help to anyone who may be planning or just searching for more information/ideas.

While this blog's main goal is towards the Bride and her Groom, KnotsVilla is also passionate about highlighting great wedding vendors and connecting them with potential clients. In the perfect world, KnotsVilla would be the place where the Bride and Groom learn how to visualize their wedding, plan it, and also connect with the Vendors of their dreams! 
Knotsvilla's major style of posts are:
Real Events (Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, etc)
Color/Theme Inspiration Posts
Advice for Wedding Planning
Bridal Style/Fashion Posts
This year KnotsVilla turned 2 and decided to give a twist to the kind of real events featured on the blog. While KnotsVilla is in love with the classic wedding/engagement styles, our readers seemed to be more intrigued with more details. So as of September, KnotsVilla began to focus more on Theme-ful, Prop-ful Color-ful, Culture-ful events. Whether it's a Vintage Picnic Engagement session or a South African cultural weddingKnotsVilla wants to see them all.

About the Editor
My name is Gee and I'm the editor of KnotsVilla (once upon a time known as Everything Weddings And More). A Christian Girl, born and raised in Nigeria, and currently globetrotting North America (Canada to U.S.A to Canada) for different reasons, such as School, Work and Marriage. As of today, I reside in the beautiful city of Toronto where I live the life of a full time housewife and professional wedding blogger.

Like a few others out there, my passion for Wedding Planning was brought to light after I planned my wedding in June 2012. After my wedding, I realized I had too much information and guidance left in my head to just ignore the urge to help fellow brides in the process, so KnotsVilla came to life! 
I love blogging and researching about pretty things like weddings. I also love networking - I am shy in person but I do well with meeting people online! Being the chatty girl I am, I started a twitter chat all about weddings called #WeddingChatter. Myself and fantastic brides and vendors meet on Twitter every Friday at 3 pm EST to chat (tweet) about weddings. You are invited!

Contact Knotsvilla;
Twitter: @knotsvilla
Instagram: @knotsvillaWeddings
Pinterest: @knotsvilla

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