Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cold Feet

As you move along in your wedding planning process, some of you may feel 100% certain that marriage is the right decision and others of you may begin to question if you're making the right move or marrying the right person.  Rest assured that both feelings are completely natural.  Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever have to make and it's normal to feel a bit anxious as your wedding date approaches.  For those of you with no worries and doubts, great! If you are, however, getting cold feet, do some introspection.  Ask yourself, where is the anxiety stemming from?  Is it the notion of being married and spending a lifetime with someone?  Are you beginning to doubt your relationship with your fiance?  Have you or your fiance had previous failed marriages or commitment issues?  Getting to the heart of the matter will help you understand your underlying anxiety.  Depending on your answers to these and other questions will also help you take the best approach to dealing with it.  It may be beneficial talking to a relative,  close friend,  your fiance or in some cases, a licensed professional.  Remember that just because you feel like you're getting cold feet, doesn't mean there is something wrong with you or your relationship.   Change, in general, naturally comes with some discomfort, stress, and anxiety.  And marriage, by nature, is change on multiple levels.  When you get married, you change your marital status, dwelling arrangements, and your lifestyle.  You do this to accommodate each other and the new life you'll be creating together.   That is why the first year of marriage is so challenging.  You have an entirely different life you have to get used to.  Anticipating all of that while you're still engaged, it's easy to see how many brides would get cold feet.  Finding comfort and support from those around you as you deal with all these emotions can ease your worries and normalize your feelings.

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