Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Following Your Intuition

There's something to be said for going with your gut feelings.  Wedding planning involves many decisions.  Who to invite, what foods to have, which vendors to use, where to have the ceremony, reception, etc. Some decisions will be easy and others will be more difficult.  In all decisions, however, you should go with what feels right.

As you begin the interviewing process of various vendors, treat it as just that-an interview.  Remind yourself that you are the bride and the one doing the hiring, which means they have to fit the profile of who you are looking for.  I say "who" because often we tend to focus on the end result and forget about the process it takes to get there.  A florist may show you pictures and samples of beautiful floral displays and bouquets, but if she does not communicate well, get back to you in a timely fashion, or she has an attitude or personality that does not seem to mesh well with yours, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.  You want to work with someone who not only does a great job, but also who you get along with.  Remember that you'll be working with this individual up until your wedding day and that working with your vendors should be fun and easy going.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing your vendors (beyond the basic questions you would ask about their products or services):

  • Do they return my calls/emails in a timely matter?
  • Does they treat me with respect and respect my ideas?
  • Do they listen while I speak?
  • Do they take my ideas into consideration?
  • Do they understand my wedding wishes?
  • Do they treat me like a VIP client?
  • Are they often busy with other multiple projects/people during a scheduled visit with me?
  • Do they come highly recommended?                                                                                               

Consider the answers to those questions before you finalize any details.  Regarding recommendations, while helpful, it should not be your sole determining factor in choosing a vendor.  Firstly, consider who is making the recommendation. Is it another bride with a similar personality as you or your cousin who is the polar opposite personality.  These things do matter.  Secondly, are the answers to the above questions to your satisfaction.  Finally, go with your gut.  If everything looks great on paper, but you have a nagging feeling inside of you that it just isn't the right fit, follow your intuition.  There are plenty of wedding vendors out there and you want to work with one who is happy to work with you in making your wedding dreams come true.  


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