Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooked About Your Upcoming Wedding?

So, your wedding is right around the corner and all of the sudden you're beginning to get the wedding day jitters. You ask yourself, "is this normal or not?" Having cold feet or jitters about your forthcoming nuptials can be totally normal. After all, this is a major life change. How do you know if it's normal for you? Use this quick guide to check out your feelings.
1) It's Wedding Day Related: If your worry and uneasiness seem to be about the big day itself, consider it most likely normal. Every bride wants her wedding day to go off without a hitch. If your main concerns are about the venue, music, and other day of happenings, do what you can to take care of business and then rest your worried mind. Enjoy your engagement and have fun on your wedding.
2) You Don't Know What to Expect Afterwards: You love your fiancĂ©, but aren't sure how this whole marriage thing is going to change your relationship. Will it be just like when you were dating? Can you handle all his quirky habits once you're living together? These thoughts are also pretty normal. Entering a new phase in life is challenging, because it presents you with a huge change from your norm. It may help to discuss some of these issues ahead of time or get premarital counseling. It'll be a learning process for both of you. Remember love and patience, always.
3) Is He the Right One: If you are asking this question now, you better answer why you said "yes" in the first place. If you were certain the entire time and only now with your wedding a few weeks away you're asking yourself this, it's probably a good case of cold feet. Being 100% certain about anything in life is unlikely. Here you have to look at yourself and your relationship together. Does it work? Are you in love? Do you have the same goals and wants in life? Most of these questions, you should have answered way before he proposed. If you've been skeptical your entire dating relationship, you may want to put the wedding off until you sort out what's going on.
4) You Don't Want to be Tied Down: If you are spooked about the notion of marriage and aren't sure how you got to this point, take a good close look at what you want in life. Marriage means being committed to someone for life. It's a partnership and that means give and take. It means making decisions and creating a life together. If you're used to a single life and can't imagine another person being a part of it at all times, marriage may not be for you. Your jitters are real and you need to be honest with yourself and your partner.
5) It Wasn't Your Choice, Really: If you feel like you were pressured into getting married, "felt bad" about turning someone down, or have another reason why you may have said "yes" when you really wanted to say "no," then call off the engagement now.  Sure, it's embarrassing and you spent a lot of time and money, but it's better then going through with it and being unhappy.

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