Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When Not to DIY for Your Wedding

Sure, we know. Wouldn't it be cool if you could handle some of your wedding details on your own? You could save a lot of money and seriously, some of it doesn't look that hard! Just follow steps one through seven and viola! the perfect centerpiece. Before you make the decision on becoming a DIY Bride, review the 5 points below. If you fall into any of these categories, just say no to DIY:
1) You're Already Feeling Overwhelmed: planning a wedding is stressful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your stress levels depend on multiple factors, but generally there is some added stress somewhere in your life. If you're already feeling exhausted with wedding planning, don't add one more thing to worry about to your list. And worry, you will. You'll be having conversations with yourself along the lines of, "am I doing this right" or "I am going to finish it in time." Buy it or get someone else to do it instead, so you can relax a little more.
2) You Have No Help: It might sound fun doing an entire project on your own. You'll have the cutest wedding favors and guests will gush at the thought that you handmade each one especially for them. But let's face it. Making 150 party favors is tedious work, no matter how much you enjoy it. And if you haven't factored in your other time commitments and priorities or haven't secured reliable help for your DIY project, you may be out on a limb. Don't get stuck in a bind. If you're committed to being a DIY bride make sure you've got a few good friends who will help.
3) You're a Newbie: Okay. From everything you read in the magazines and see on Pinterest, this stuff can't be that hard, right. I mean everybody's doing it! Wrong. If you've never done a creative project before, now may not be the right time to see if you like it or are any good at it for that matter. DIY is work. You don't just magically end up with the pretty design you see on Instagram. You need patience, the ability to follow instructions, and practice. Don't test run your DIY skills for your wedding; there will be plenty of other opportunities ahead.
4) You're Short on Time: Whether your wedding is right around the corner or you're just plain busy, doing-it-yourself will definitely take up more of your time...and a good deal of it. The indicated amount of time to create your masterpiece isn't spot on. Add to it the number of minutes it will also take you to pick up the necessary supplies, transportation to and from, set up, clean up, returning to the store if necessary to take an item back or buy more, etc. You get the idea. What was supposed to be a 20 minute DIY ends up being a couple hours. If time is money, you have to ask yourself, would it be more worth it to buy than DIY?
5) You're Not That Into It: You family tells you it will help cut costs, your friends have done it, and your neighbor next door promises to help. But frankly, you were never a DIY kind of girl. More mathematical, than creative or perhaps never tapped into the artist within. If you're not excited to DIY than don't do it at all. You're supposed to be enjoying your engagement and planning your wedding. The last thing you want is to be forced into doing something that's really not you. This is your wedding, after all. It should reflect you and your groom, not the latest trend.    

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