Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As you plan your wedding, you have many things to do and a lot on your mind.   You may be rushing through the day hoping to cross off as many items as you can from your check list.  You do your best to fit in family and social time.  You're even committed to your daily exercise routine.  You are a power bride getting it all done.  Stop now and turn yourself and all of the busyness surrounding you off. Including meditation in your daily regimen will help you relax, stay focused, and reduce some of your unhealthy stress.  It also helps you tune in to you and work on your relationship with yourself.  Meditation generally involves finding a quiet spot away from any distractions, paying attention to your breathing, and observing your body and mind.  It is "not just sitting quietly," as B. Allan Wallace, says in his book, Genuine Happiness.  "It is sitting quietly and then getting up and moving in stillness, remaining silent, in a sense, even as you are speaking," Wallace explains.  In other words, the more we practice meditation, the more likely we can get to this point of always being in a meditative state no matter where we are or what our circumstance.   Wouldn't that be wonderful?!
We are all within reach of this lofty goal.  Everyone can meditate.  It costs nothing but time, once you learn how and put it into practice.  There are different kinds of meditation and many books and CDs to match.  Find the one that fits for you and add it to your daily routine.  Many people practice meditating when they wake up and before they go to sleep.  Do what works for you and as you see the benefits, you will decide the best ways of implementing it.  More importantly, if you continue meditating regularly, the peacefulness that comes from it will stay with you long after you plan your wedding.

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