Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In the Face of Tragedy

How can we continue to be happy in the face of tragedy? Feelings of guilt sometimes creep up on us as we try to navigate our feelings of joy and happiness (as in the case of getting married), with those of suffering around us. People deal with calamities, be it on a personal or national level, in different ways.  You will recognize how you handle such situations and determine whether it is helpful or not in your ability to cope.  If the initial shock of a tragedy passes and you are able to move forward with your daily activities, even though you may continue feeling the pain and suffering, you are likely coping effectively.  If, however, you are finding it difficult to do things you normally do months after the tragedy occurred, you may need to ask for additional help.  Keep in mind that there are too many variables to suggest there is a clear cut way of determining how effective a person is at coping.  Every situation is different and needs its own assessment.
As you deal with tragedy, know that it is okay to still feel happiness and joy.   The opposite emotions you may be feeling do not need to be mingled together, as each situation warrants its own sentiment.  If you are planning a wedding and are suddenly hit with bad news, take some time to understand it.  Then remind yourself, that although there is misfortune, there is also happiness that lies ahead.  And your happiness and joy deserve the same consideration.

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