Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence Day

With Independence Day on the horizon, I decided it was appropriate to tackle the topic of going from Miss Independent to Mrs. Married.  Some women are afraid that stepping into matrimony means stepping out of an independent lifestyle and into a more dependent one.  With marriage your sense of freedom may decrease, but that doesn't mean your actual independence does.  It is rather a change in feeling. Whether you're the type of woman who is used to spontaneous weekend getaways or enjoys hosting intimate parties with friends, once you are married you'll find you have to take into consideration your significant other.  Your plans may or may not be as easy to arrange as they used to be, depending on your spouse and his feelings about it.  This can feel limiting, especially if you are accustomed to a particular lifestyle or habit.  Share your feelings and hopes with your significant other and find a way to compromise.  Remember that he wants to retain his sense of independence too.
Both you and your fiance are separate individuals.  When united by marriage, you will become dependent on each other to make the right choices as a couple.  Compromise and mutual decision making comes with the territory.  It's a change from what you may be used to, but if the two of you work together to make sure both of your needs are being met, you will continue to feel your personal independence through the  support of each other.

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