Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Take Control of Your Wedding To-Do List in 5 Minutes

Tackling a long wedding to-do list can be overwhelming and stressful. That's why it might be a good idea to break it down into smaller parts and tackle it a little at a time. Not only will it get things done, it will help motivate you to keep crossing things off that list. And that makes for a happy bride! So what do you have to do? Wake up five minutes earlier every day and conquer one of these bridal tasks in five minute: 
1. Write a Thank You Note- You don't have to wait until you have a pile of gifts before you start writing your thank yous. Identify one person, grab a notecard, and write. Put it in a stamped envelope and you're done. It will save you time in the long run and your hand will thank you.
2. Pay a Bill- Behind on paying one of your wedding vendor invoices? It doesn't take much to pull out the checkbook and make the payment. In less than five minutes you can pay someone who's helping you and not have that worry looming over you.
3. Start Creating Your Guest List- Guest lists are the bane of many bride's to-do lists. That's why it may help to do it in phases. Get a blank sheet of paper and pen and set your timer for five minutes. Now start writing out names of everyone you think you'd invite to your wedding. No perfection needed here. Whether it takes you two or five days, you'll have a good list. Then you can tweak it as needed.
4.  Schedule an Appointment- Haven't yet scheduled that appointment with the florist or your hair and make-up trial? Open up your calendar and pick up the phone. Get it on the books and you're done. One less thing on your list! 
5. Write Out Your Playlist- Much like your guest list, you can break this one up in segments too. Paper, pen, timer and go! Remember five minutes is your max. Put your list somewhere safe and finish it in another five minutes on a different day.
Nothing here on your to-do list? No problem. You can break down pretty much anything that needs to get done on your end. Five or ten minutes makes it doable and less overwhelming. But notice how nothing on the list is done on the computer. That's because once you get on the computer, your tablet or other device you can get easily drawn away to other distractive things, like checking your email or updating your status. That's not what your five minutes is for. It's to get things done. Period. Now, Go!

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