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Limousine Options: Which One is Right For Your Wedding Day?

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Imagine it's your wedding day. Thinking about the entrance you want to make your wedding ceremony. How do you visualize it? Are you dropping from the sky in a hot-air balloon? Rolling by on a parade float? Or panting up to the door in your most comfortable sneakers after an invigorating run? These days, very little is off limits as far as wedding transportation goes.
One of the classic choices is the ever popular limousine. If this is what you are considering, choosing the right limousine to definitely has it' perks:
  • You can seat ten or more people comfortably.
  • You are able to watch TV.
  • Serve yourself from the bar, and
  • Have a chauffeur at your beck and call.
A big shiny limo is also impressive enough to instill awe in the occupants of those boring regular cars sitting in right next to your limo in traffic. There are lots of options available to you choose from so make sure to look at the variety of limos and ask some questions:
  • What limo types and sizes are available?
  • How many people can comfortably fit into each type and size?
You can seat anywhere from seven to twenty people in limos depending on the type of limo you reserve. Let's talk about the types.  
Types of Limos
Limos vary in size, amenities, luxuries, style and color, although most are black and white. Five main types of limos exist. Each is unique and serves its own unique purpose.
1. Stretch-Hummer Limos:
If you would like to ride with your entire wedding party, consider riding in style in a trendy Stretch-Hummer limo. It's luxurious with additional amenities:
  • Flat screen TV,
  • Disco balls,
  • Bar areas,
  • Glasses,
  • Tinted windows and much more.
Hummers have a rugged and very distinguishing exterior. They are a far cry from the classic limo look. While it's expensive, Stretch-Hummer limo is still very popular option for your weddings.
2. The Chauffeured Limo, Lincoln Town Car
For those who want to mix adventure with luxury, arranging a Lincoln Town Car for wedding would certainly be a memorable experience. A town car is a smaller chauffeur-driven option. It has a larger frame with a rear spacious passenger compartment, offering a substantial amount of foot room. This larger area gives you a more comfortable ride. Town cars generally accommodate two to three passengers but may just be the perfect way to get you and the groom to and from the festivities, at a lesser cost. This vehicle is unpretentious, earthy, and natural.
4. Extra-length, Custom-Coachwork Luxury Stretch Limousines
The current trend with wedding cars is very much the Stretch Limo. It's custom-crafted and stands apart from all other cars in styling, performance, value. These limos can come in a wide variety of setups, having the most flexibility in the ways they can be equipped for your wedding.
It can accommodate more people and larger wedding parties with the amenities to match. When you picture a limousine in your minds eye, it is very likely that you'll see a Stretch Limo. They simply exude class and luxury.
5. The Limo Party Bus
It may not provide you with that sleek wow factor, but it's functional and well equipped. The Limo Party Bus is different, and the difference lies in the purpose, which is transporting the entire wedding party. This is a great option as it has lots of room and even allows for standing space! It contains:
  • Plenty of seats for everyone;
  • Plenty of room for purses, coats, and champagne bottles; and
  • A fun, casual atmosphere on board.
To be fair, you can't expect this car to be the epitome of class, nor should you expect to feel as though you've stepped into anything resembling a limo. This is definitely a functional vehicle. Your entire wedding party fits inside, and that spells good times for you.
6. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Limousines: The Lincoln Navigator Stretch
The flashy SUV Limos. Lincoln Navigators stretched out, are able to accommodate more people and larger parties. It can seat up to 14 passengers. Celebrities and VIPs are the typical types of people you would see renting this limo. It has the perfect mix of luxury and style. The SUV Limo is one of the hottest wedding day vehicle in the segment. It comes with all of the standard amenities including a full bar, interior ceiling lighting, multiple televisions, and spacious seating. 
Most of you want to arrive at your wedding in style, and these days many options are available. You could use any of these limos to get you to the church and reception on time. As long as something can move you from here and there, it's fair game. Admittedly, some limos might seem more appealing than others. Make sure you select the right limo to accommodate your wedding needs.
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