Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding Day Jitters

You're engaged to the man of your dreams. The wedding planning is under control and going smoothly. The big day is nearly here. So why are you feeling so nervous? Come to think of it, it's not just you. Your mother seems more anxious than usual too. What's the deal with these strange emotions and shouldn't you be excited for the upcoming celebration?
Before you start second guessing yourself, know that having pre-wedding day jitters is completely normal. After all, with marriage comes change. And not just a little change. Big change. And all change in life creates some form of uneasiness or uncertainty. What will life be like once you're married? Will you have as much fun as you do now? Will you get bored seeing each other all the time? Will you always agree with each other? Whatever questions are surfacing in your head, consciously or otherwise, are legitimate. And time will tell what the answers are. Your job is to acknowledge your feelings and emotions and remind yourself that if your relationship has been solid up to this point, it's likely normal nervousness of the impending changes. If, all of the sudden, you are noticing some red flags in your relationship, definitely take a closer look or get outside help.
If it's the wedding day itself that's making you on edge, ask yourself why. Are you afraid the preparations won't be ready in time? Are you worried something might go wrong? To help settle your nerves, take care of the business that is within your control or delegate it to someone else. Follow up with the wedding professionals you're working with to confirm everything is on track. Once you're reassured in these areas, you'll likely feel more calm about the ceremony and reception. Everything you can't control, don't worry about. It will help alleviate some unnecessary stress and anxiety.
What if it's the people around you who are nervous? Your mother seems more anxious than you, for example. Any number of things could be making her nervous, from her little girl getting married to what her friends might think about the wedding celebration. And while you can always have a sit down and ask her what's making her most anxious, ultimately her emotions are her problem to deal with. Don't allow her anxiety to rub off on you.
Creating positive mantras, reciting daily affirmations, or practicing meditation can help with wedding day jitters. Listening to a wedding day guided imagery can also help you visualize a positive wedding day experience. Choose what works best to reduce your anxiety and increase your peace of mind.

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