Friday, June 13, 2014

Remembering a Loved One on Your Wedding Day

Dealing with loss is complex and challenging. It is particularly difficult when birthdays, holidays, and milestone occasions, like weddings, roll around. Whether it's a parent, sibling, or other family member or loved one, understand that every person's situation is unique. People experience loss in different ways. They also cope differently, depending on their circumstances and when the loss occurred.

If you experienced a recent loss, it's best to get support early on. It can come from family and friends or from a helping professional. People go though grief in stages. A counselor or therapist is trained to work with you through each stage until you come to some degree of acceptance. Finding ways to include your loved one in your wedding can also be therapeutic and helpful. You can share a memory, have their favorite flower as part of your bouquet, include a photo of them in a meaningful place. There are many creative ways to feel connected to a loved one who has passed on during this most special time. See what other family members think and feel about your tribute.
It's normal to feel sad and wish that your loved one could be here again. Think about what they might have wanted. How would they want you to celebrate or remember them? Get the support and help you need and then do what feels good and right to honor them while enjoying your wedding.

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