Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time Management

With the recent change in time and losing an extra hour, we are all feeling the days speeding by.  Those of you planning a wedding may feel it more since you have time commitments and dates to contend with.  So it's critical that you utilize key time management skills to help you accomplish all of your goals. Here's a brief overview of some time management basics.  The first step in time management is to make sure you have some set goals that are clearly defined.  A good goal will be specific, measurable, and time bound.  For example, I will choose and order 100 party favors for wedding guests by next Sunday. In this example, you are specifying what you need (i.e., party favors ), how you will measure this goal (i.e., once it's purchased, you've achieved your goal), and when you plan to have your goal completed (i.e., next Sunday).  Now create a list of your goals, big and small.
Looking at everything you have to do for your big day is overwhelming; breaking it down into more manageable pieces will help you achieve better outcomes, not to mention decrease your anxiety.  Next, you want to prioritize your goals.  Ask yourself which goals are most important or need to be taken care of first.  Keep in mind, that while some goals may seem more important, others, like buying a wedding gown, may take more time.  Use your judgment to determine which goals need to be at the top of your list, taking into consideration time limits, booking schedules, ordering issues, vendor availability, etc.  Delegate some of your to do list to your fiance or others who can help you.  Remember to give them specific and time bound duties.  It will help keep them on the right track, as well.  Once you've prioritized your list and determined what needs to be done first, you're ready to get started!  Work at it and cross it off your list, once you've completed a goal. Wedding planning books and organizers can  be helpful too.   In all cases, don't forget to feel the sense of satisfaction once you've achieved each goal.

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