Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Invited Guests

It's a given that some wedding planning decisions will be more challenging than others.  One of the trickier ones is who to invite.  And while the old adage, "the more the merrier" sounds great, it may not be the best decision for you.  In addition to the obvious family and friends you plan on inviting, take into account you and your fiance's budget and wedding vision when creating your guest list. The number of guests you invite is linked to your wedding budget, so make sure you are staying within your financial margins.  Depending on who is footing the bill, you may not be the only one who has a say on the guest list.  If your parents or in-laws are paying for your wedding, they have a legitimate claim to inviting many of their friends as well.  Most couples have limits on the number of people they can invite and it's not easy to leave some friends or co-workers off the list.  Couples may feel bad or guilty for inviting some and not others.  In these cases and if it feels comfortable, you may want to talk to the individuals you cannot invite.  Let them know your budget constraints and your guest limits. It may also help to let them know that someone else is responsible for that part of the budget and therefore, the guest list numbers.  Most people are understanding.  Some couples even have a small party after their wedding for uninvited guests to toast the couple and their recent nuptials.
The number of guests should correspond with how you visualize your wedding too.  If you pictured a small wedding, don't feel pressured into planning a grand event on someone else's account.  Of course, you still have to take into consideration who is paying for your wedding.  As you're composing the guest list, be confident with your decision making.  Know that while you'd love to invite everybody, it's not always possible.  Remember that you determine how you feel and if someone who doesn't receive an invitation tries to make you feel bad, you can shut those negative feelings out.  Choose to stand by your decisions instead, knowing that they are what's best for you and your wedding day.

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