Friday, December 5, 2014

3 Things You're Doing that Adds MORE Stress to Your Life During the Holidays

'Tis the season. With December underway, it's crunch time to get your greeting cards out, shopping done, and baking in the oven. Lest you forget, you're engaged too and there's no real break when it comes to wedding planning. How do you juggle it all? Start by taking a look at these three things that could be causing additional stress during the holiday season.
1) Taking on Too Much: If you're already feeling overwhelmed with wedding  planning and the thought of the upcoming holiday is giving you anything but joy, maybe you have too much on your plate. Don't volunteer to host a holiday dinner party or cook if you don't have the time or energy. Decline invitations to parties if you're feeling like you're spread too thin. Or skip the holiday shopping if it's stressing you out. Tell everybody, that you'll get around to gifts after your wedding if you have to. The important thing is knowing when you're doing too much and setting limits.
2) Not Asking for Help: If you have a lot on your plate and are finding it difficult to get everything done, it may be time to call on some backup. Enlist the help of others when it comes to holiday preparations. Ask your fiancĂ© to help with your greeting cards or spend an evening with your girlfriends getting the house decorated. In addition to offering support and helping you stay motivated, you'll feel less overwhelmed and have more fun when your work is a team effort.
3) Not Taking a Break: Planning your wedding is a big deal. It's probably the biggest event in your life. Even so, remember that your life can't revolve around planning a wedding. It has to be the other way around. That said, it's important that you take the time to enjoy the holidays. Everybody needs a breather and this is the perfect time to pick several days off from wedding stuff. However you choose to celebrate, do it fully without wedding worries getting in the way. It will help you enjoy the season more and hopefully recharge your "bridal batteries."

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