Thursday, June 7, 2012

Daddy's Girl

As Father's Day is quickly approaching, let's turn our attention to dad.  While it appears that dad may not be interested in your color scheme or the type of gown you'll be wearing, it doesn't mean he doesn't care or want to be involved in the wedding plans.   After all, many fathers are the primary ones taking care of the financial bill for your special day;  so it's only fair to include him in your planning discussions. Depending on how financially involved your father is in your wedding, you can decide how much you need to confer with him about your choices.  Ask dad what he needs to know and wants to know.  If he needs to know costs, give him all the details.  If he wants to hear about other things as well, like the types of flowers or the music you'll be playing, great!  What a nice way to share in the excitement and strengthen your relationship.
Most father-daughter relationships are special.  If you have a good relationship with your dad, you may notice that this is a bittersweet time for him.  He's happy that you've found someone to love and care for, but a little sad to see his girl all grown up and moving on and possibly moving away.  Since you were a kid, dad has told you that time flies.  Your engagement and wedding is a testament to that.  Instead of rushing it on, stop and enjoy these days with your family, who helped raise you to this point.  Give dad a hug, share with him some favorite memories and let him know that you'll always be daddy's girl!  Happy Father's Day!

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